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The leaders of Ganzhou inspection team visited Longyi

On May 9, 2020, the leaders of the Ganzhou inspection team visited the company for investigation, accompanied by the chairman of Ganzhou Rare Earth Group (the second largest shareholder of Longyttrium), and the inspection team visited the provincial enterprise technology center and the provincial engineering technology research center. , Then went to rare earth magnesium alloy, rare earth special materials-two Jiangxi Province's first rare earth new material application full-process precise control production lines, and learn about the trial production operation. The chairman of the company introduced in detail the progress of the project and the results achieved in the research and development of new rare earth materials. The inspection team spoke highly of the company's achievements in the application of rare earths.

Professor Zhao Aimin from University of Science and Technology Beijing and his team visited Longyt

Professor Zhao Aimin from University of Science and Technology Beijing and his team visited Longyt On May 19, 2020, Professor Zhao Aimin, the leader of the special steel direction of the National "2011" Program of the Steel Generic Technology Collaborative Innovation Center of the University of Science and Technology Beijing, PhD supervisor and his team visited the company’s Xiaokeng and Fukang plants at the invitation of the company’s chairman. , Provincial Technology Center and Engineering Research Center. After the visit, the two parties conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the development status and future trends of materials such as wear-resistant materials, advanced tool steel and other materials at home and abroad, and how rare earth materials can be perfectly integrated with steel processes. Professor Zhao Aimin and his team fully affirmed and praised our company's rare earth application technology in the whole industry chain, the company's future development blueprint and the spirit of perseverance.
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