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Intelligent feeding system

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Introduction of Intelligent Feeding System

The system design has one invention patent, three utility model patents and one software copyright.

1. The system is exquisite in structure, easy to operate, good in dust collection, and small in space. It is not only suitable for the transformation of the original production line, but also for the new production process design.

2. This system is currently mainly used in the metallurgical industry, such as the spheroidizing treatment for the production of ductile iron, the inoculation treatment for the production of gray cast iron, the vermicular treatment for the production of vermicular graphite cast iron, the modification treatment for the production of high-alloy cast iron, and the feeding of steel Calcium wire, aluminum wire refining and alloying elements, rare earth addition, etc.

(1) Nodular cast iron spheroidizing treatment: accurately add spheroidized cored wire and inoculate cored wire, so that the alloy added has been melted at the bottom of the treatment bag, which can avoid burning or scum formation, thereby increasing the absorption rate , Reduce its dosage, effectively reduce the processing cost, and reduce the temperature drop of the molten iron after spheroidization. During the spheroidization process, the smoke and arc are controlled because of the installation of the cover and the smoke and dust prevention device, thereby reducing or eliminating the pollution to the environment.

(2) Addition of alloying elements in steelmaking production: In order to improve the performance of steel, active metals or alloys such as niobium, vanadium, and rare earths are usually added. The intelligent wire feeding system is added to the mold to make the active metals such as rare earths Effectively alloy with iron in molten steel, reduce metal oxidation, and greatly improve the performance of steel.

3. The main function of this system is to measure, clamp, and convey wire or bar. Therefore, it can be widely used in various fields and scopes that require clamping and conveying of wires or bars, such as coiling and length measurement during steel bar processing, coiling and length measurement during cable processing, and pinching of welding wires for automatic welding And control of wire feeding speed, etc.



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