Rare Earth Foundry Materials Department

Our company has used the heavy raer earth of local resources to development the Y basis ferrosilicon alloy noduliser,inoculant,modifiers,cored wire etc. and also we called them to "rare earth steel additives".


一、 Main products and services:

1. Rare earth nodulizer series products: FD series yttrium based rare earth nodulizer for wind turbine generator, DYseries yttrium based rare earth nodulizer for heavy section casting, ZY series yttrium based composite rare earth nodulizer for medium-sized castings, XY-Series Yttrium-based Heavy Rare-earth Compoud Nodulizer  Used in High Quality Castings.

2. Compound inoculant series products

3. Rare earth modifier series products: rare earth modifier for chromium white cast iron, wear-resistant alloy steel and other rare earth modifier, rare earth modifier for heat-resistant steel and high-speed tool steel, rare-earth modifier for high manganese steel.

4. Rare earth vermicularizing agent series products

5. Heavy rare earth ferrosilicon products

6. Rare earth cored wire series products: spheroidized cored wire, inoculated cored wire, purified and modified cored wire, vermicular cored wire.

二、 Main equipment and capacity:

2 sets of electric arc furnaces with a capacity of 5000 tons of rare earth ferrosilicon alloy;

10 sets of intermediate frequency induction furnace, production capacity of 20000 tons of all kinds of rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon alloy;

6 sets of cored wire units with a capacity of 5000 tons of cored wire.

三、 Business contact person and contact information:

Division director: Zhang Zhiyong, mobile phone +86 159 7019 3008;

Business principal: Zhong Weichang +86 180 7975 8610,+86 139 7071 9977;

Liu Yanping +86 180 7975 9392,+86 159 7982 6582.

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