Rare earth special materials division

Rare earth special materials division mainly produces and operates H13 series of tool and die steel, which is produced by constant melting rate electroslag furnace with protective atmosphere introduced from America. The equipment has the outstanding characteristics of accurate weighing, high control precision of constant melting rate, purer steel, minimal increment of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, high homogeneity of crystal structure, quiet site, no smoke and dust, and green environmental protection.
The steel is forged by a 4000 ton press in three directions, double refined and spheroidized. It has the characteristics of uniform composition, structure, carbide and excellent performance. The products are mainly used to manufacture forging die, hot extrusion die, precision forging die, aluminum copper and alloy die casting die with large impact load. They are widely used in hot work die steel.
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1、 Main products and features:
Rare earth modified high performance H13 hot work die steel reh13, reh18, reh28 series, in accordance with NADCA and GB / t1299 standards. The product has good toughness and high temperature fatigue resistance, can withstand temperature fusion, suitable for long-term work under high temperature, with good cutting performance and polishing performance.
2、 Main equipment and capacity:
2 sets of electroslag furnace
2 sets of treatment furnace
The production capacity of the first phase is 5000 tons / year, and that of the second phase is 10000 tons / year.
3、 Business contact person and contact information:
Division director: Yang Yupeng, mobile phone 18927472509
Factory address: Fukang Industrial Park, Longnan national economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangxi Province
Business Manager: Li Sheng, mobile phone 18926031287
Sales address: 105, building 10, block F, Tianpu community, Datian street, Guangming District, Shenzhen

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