Rare earth non ferrous alloy Division

1、 Main products and services:
1. Rare earth metal products
Yttrium, dysprosium, rare earth wire, etc
2. Rare earth magnesium alloy products
Rare earth magnesium alloy bar (ingot)
Rare earth aluminum magnesium die casting products
Rare earth aluminum magnesium extrusion products
3. Other nonferrous alloy products
Nickel magnesium alloy, etc
2、 Main equipment and capacity:
10 sets of vacuum furnace;
2 sets of extruder;
Annual output of 5000 tons of various alloy ingots and 2000 tons of rare earth magnesium alloy bars;
3、 Business contact person and contact information:
Division director: Xu ruigao, mobile phone 13970107096;
Business principal: Liu Yanping 18079759392, 15979826582;
Yang shengteng 18079751081, 13677976602.

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