Rare earth electrolytic extraction Division

1、 Main products and services:
1. Rare earth ferroalloys: Gadolinium iron, dysprosium iron, holmium iron, yttrium iron, etc;
2. Rare earth oxides: 5N europium oxide, 2N5 gadolinium oxide, 4N terbium oxide, 3N dysprosium oxide, 2N5 holmium oxide, 3N erbium oxide, 4N ytterbium oxide, 4n5 lutetium oxide, 5N yttrium oxide, etc;
3. Rare earth enrichment: samarium, europium, gadolinium, yttrium, etc.
2、 Main equipment and capacity:
1. Rare earth extraction has a complete production line, with the national mandatory indicators,
Annual treatment of 1000 tons of rare earth ore;
2. 6 sets of electrolytic furnaces with an annual output of 400 tons of rare earth ferroalloy.
3、 Business contact person and contact information:
Division director: Liu menghuai, mobile phone 135970193260;
Business principal: Liu Yanping 18079759392, 15979826582.

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