Rare Earth Oxides Department

   Since company established we have been used the heavy rare earth mine of local to production the Rare Earth Oxides,RE metal,RE Enrichment by Electrolytic extraction process etc.


一、 Main products and services:

1. Rare earth oxides: 5N europium oxide, 2N5 gadolinium oxide, 4N terbium oxide, 3N dysprosium oxide, 2N5 holmium oxide, 3N erbium oxide, 4N ytterbium oxide, 4n5 lutetium oxide, 5N yttrium oxide, etc;
2. Rare earth enrichment: samarium, europium, gadolinium, yttrium, etc.


二、 Main equipment and capacity:

1. Rare earth extraction has a complete production line, with the national mandatory indicators,
Annual treatment of 1000 tons of rare earth ore;


三、 Business contact person and contact information:
Division director: Liu menghuai, mobile phone +86 15970193260;

Business principal: Liu Yanping +86 18079759392, +86 15979826582.


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