Equipment intelligent manufacturing division

Equipment intelligent manufacturing division is not only an external department, but also an internal organization. External: to provide customers with rare earth application supporting equipment and high-quality service; internal: responsible for the equipment management of the whole company, and provide energy-saving and efficient equipment scheme for various transformation of various departments.
1、 Main products and services:
Environment friendly intelligent ball feeding station and its feeder
Special wire feeder for steel-making crystallizer
Portable wire feeder in front of furnace
Special wire feeder for nonferrous metals (rare earth)
Wire feeding system design, installation and service
2、 Main equipment and capacity:
300 sets of silk feeders per year
3、 Technical strength;
There are 1 senior engineer, 2 engineers, 3 after-sales service personnel and 8 production and maintenance technicians in the intelligent equipment manufacturing division.
It has 6 invention patents, 23 utility model patents, 5 design patents and 1 software copyright.
4 software copyrights developed and declared in cooperation with other companies.
4、 Business contact person and contact information:
Division director: Liao Zhijin, mobile phone 13979795796;
Business principal: Zhong Weichang 18079758610, 13970719977;
Liu Yanping 18079759392, 15979826582.


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