Cored Wire Feeding Machine Department

   As knew our mainly clients as the foundies or steelmaking factories, when they directly to using the nodularizer or Inoculant in ladle to spheroidizing the graphite or others that would be produced the smoke with dusty ,strong reaction and use QTY huger and other situations,as according to this situation that our company had developed related alloy cored wires and cored wire feeder machine for foundries to use.that is meaning the cored wire injection into the ladle was via the cored wire feeder machine.


To through the process it can be reduced the smoke with dusty,the reaction is smooth and reduced the use QTY to saved production cost.

1、 Main products and services:
Environment friendly intelligent ball feeding station and its feeder
Special wire feeder for steel-making crystallizer
Portable wire feeder in front of furnace
Special wire feeder for nonferrous metals (rare earth)
Wire feeding system design, installation and service
2、 Main equipment and capacity:
300 sets of silk feeders per year
3、 Technical strength;
There are 1 senior engineer, 2 engineers, 3 after-sales service personnel and 8 production and maintenance technicians in the intelligent equipment manufacturing division.
It has 6 invention patents, 23 utility model patents, 5 design patents and 1 software copyright.
4 software copyrights developed and declared in cooperation with other companies.
4、 Business contact person and contact information:
Division director: Liao Zhijin, mobile phone +86 139 7979 5796;
Business principal: Zhong Weichang +86 180 7975 8610, +86 139 7071 9977;
Liu Yanping +86 180 7975 9392,+86 159 7982 6582.


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