RE Y basis ferrosilicon alloy nodularizer,inoculant,modifiers,cored wire etc. and also we called them to "Rare Earth Foundry Materials".
Our company has been used heavy rare earth resourced of local to development the rare earth special materials and also we called it to "special steel" that them were available for making the tool and mold. 
 Since our company establishing we have been used the heavy rare earth of local resources to development to heavy rare earth metal alloy,Ni-Mg alloy,RE Mg alloy materials etc.Especially for the RE Mg materials of AZ31 AZ91 Sheet/Bar/Extrusion that them are available for production the design lightweight products Such as:bicycle frame,computer frame etc.
 Since company establishing we have been used the heavy rare earth mine of local to production the Rare Earth Oxides,RE metal,RE Enrichment by Electrolytic extraction process etc.
 Our mainly clients are the foundries or steel-making factories while they direct to using the nodularizer or Inoculant in ladle to spheroidizing the graphite or others that would be produce the smoke with dusty ,strong reaction and use QTY huger or other situations,as according to this situation that our company had developed related alloy cored wires and cored wire feeder machine for foundries to use.
Technology Center is a department to does the Compositions Analysis,Materials Test,New Materials Researching,Quality Control......

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