Chairman's speech

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As the main drafting unit of the national standard "Rare Earth Magnesium Silicon Iron Alloy", Nanlongyi Heavy Rare Earth Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the development concept of "technological innovation, concentric operation, and harmonious development", with the direction of driving the development of related industries and promoting economic and social progress. Relying on the strong resources and management capabilities of Jiangxi Longyi Holding (Group) Company, and leveraging the resource advantages of Jiangxi Ganzhou Heavy Rare Earth, the company has accelerated integration and development, Continuously strengthening its own strength, focusing on cultivating leading advantages in the rare earth alloy additive industry, and taking into account other businesses such as rare earth separation, rare earth smelting, rare earth non-ferrous alloys, feeding line spheroidization systems, and rare earth special steel, it has gradually developed into an influential enterprise in the heavy rare earth industry.


In today's world, the external environment is complex and ever-changing, and market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Enterprise development is facing increasingly severe challenges. How to keep up with the trend in the progress of the times and achieve self transcendence in seizing opportunities is a problem that every business manager is constantly thinking about. Heaven moves healthily, and gentlemen strive for self-improvement. The terrain is vast, and gentlemen carry things with virtue. As an economic organization, enterprises only have vitality by continuously enhancing their own value and achieving continuous progress. Facing the future, we will continue to accelerate strategic integration, adhere to technological innovation, concentric operation, and harmonious development, strive to seize historical opportunities, and build Longyi Company into an excellent enterprise group with core competitiveness, industry influence, and good returns, continuously rewarding shareholders, customers, and society!


Sincerely hope to join hands with friends from all walks of life, achieve mutual benefit and progress, and create a better tomorrow!


Chairman of Longyi Company: Yang Qing

professor of engineering

Leading figure in technological innovation in Jiangxi Province