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Proposal on Jointly Fighting COVID-19 and Orderly Resuming Production and Work


In the critical period of preventing and controlling the new crown pneumonia epidemic, in order to jointly win the battle against the epidemic, the Ganzhou Mayor Quality Award-winning enterprises and some participating enterprises jointly issued an initiative to the enterprises in the city:

Ganzhou Mayor Quality Award Enterprise and Part of Participating Enterprises
About jointly fighting against the new crown pneumonia and resuming production and work in an orderly manner
        In the critical period of preventing and controlling the new crown pneumonia epidemic, in order to jointly win the battle against the epidemic, the Ganzhou Mayor Quality Award-winning enterprises and some participating enterprises jointly issued an initiative to the enterprises in the city:
      Resolutely implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and the decision-making and deployment of party committees and governments at all levels, strengthen confidence, help each other, scientific prevention and control, and precise policy implementation. Rapid recovery and high-quality development will contribute to the city's construction of a high-quality development demonstration zone in the old revolutionary base area.
       1. Improve the position and focus on scientific prevention and control. Further enhance the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidence", and achieve "two safeguards", effectively unify thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, party committees and governments at all levels, and make the prevention and control of the epidemic a current primary political task. Formulate measures in accordance with the principles of science, rationality, moderation, and effectiveness, strengthen employee management, put the life and health of employees in the first place, advocate healthy living habits, guide employees to correctly view the development of the epidemic, and guide employees to do a good job in personal prevention and control. Implement relevant protection requirements such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, not gathering, not gathering, and not having dinner together, and implement closed management of closed factory areas (construction sites), prevent importation from outside, and prevent spread from inside to ensure that clustered epidemics do not occur.
       2. Make overall plans and resume production in a stable manner. On the basis of epidemic prevention and control, according to the priority, actual situation and production resumption plan, take flexible measures such as arranging important positions to return to work first, local employees to arrive first, and other flexible measures to resume work in batches, so as to promote the resumption of work and production in an orderly manner. Conditionally innovate working methods, implement staggered peak hours, online office, shift system or flexible working system during the epidemic period, reasonably arrange jobs, maintain the working distance of personnel, reduce the density of people in the workplace, and resume normal production as soon as possible, in order to stabilize the overall economic and social situation Provide strong support. Use the corporate publicity platform to strengthen the publicity of public health knowledge, enhance employees' awareness of social responsibility, and create a safe and stable social environment for epidemic prevention and control.
       Three, pay attention to details, strict quality assurance. Actively respond to and participate in the series of actions of "guaranteeing price, quality, and supply" during the epidemic prevention and control period, insist on quality first, and not affect product quality due to the epidemic; strengthen quality awareness, strictly enforce the responsibility of the main body, and promote standard compliance, quality improvement, and technological innovation , process improvement, and enhance quality management capabilities; improve the quality control system, strictly control the inspection of incoming goods, the production process, and the factory inspection, and strive to achieve the advanced level of product quality in the same industry in China; for important materials that are urgently needed for epidemic prevention and control, resolutely The safety production and product quality were affected due to rushing the construction period and rushing to the schedule.
       Fourth, take the initiative to take responsibility. Give full play to the role of demonstration and leadership, carry forward the fine tradition of "all parties support when one party is in trouble", carry out public welfare donations through legal and formal channels, and actively fulfill social responsibilities. Enterprises involved in the production and supply of medicines, protective clothing, masks and other materials urgently needed for epidemic prevention and control should strictly follow the requirements of relevant government departments, make production and operation arrangements, and make every effort to ensure market supply. Take the lead in strengthening self-discipline and integrity management, resolutely do not hoard, do not manipulate the market, do not drive up prices, do not collude in raising prices, do not make huge profits, and do not spread rumors; effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, consciously maintain a fair and orderly market order, and effectively improve Consumer security of the general public.
List of proposed companies
(names not listed in order)
1. Jiangxi Zhanggong Liquor Industry Co., Ltd.
2. Longnan Longyttrium Heavy Rare Earth Technology Co., Ltd.
3. Ganzhou Huajin Paper Co., Ltd.
4. Ganzhou Chenguang Rare Earth New Materials Co., Ltd.
5. Jiangxi Yaosheng Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd.
6. Jiangxi Weiping Pioneering Furniture Industry Co., Ltd.
7. Jiangxi Qingfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
8. Jiangxi Lvmeng Technology Holdings Co., Ltd.
9. Ganzhou Huajing Rare Earth New Materials Co., Ltd.
10. Jiangxi Jinli Permanent Magnet Technology Co., Ltd.
11. Ganzhou Kingsignal Cable Technology Co., Ltd.
12. Ganzhou Tengyuan Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
13. Qiandong Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd.
14. Jiangxi Ng Fung Food Co., Ltd.
15. Jiangxi Qianduoduo Furniture Co., Ltd.
16. Born Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
17. Jiangxi Fulong Crown Industry Co., Ltd.
18. Lichang Technology (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd.
19. Funeng Technology (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd.
20. Jiangxi Yanxing Property Management Co., Ltd.
21. Chaoyang Jushengtai (Xinfeng) Technology Co., Ltd.
22. Ruijin Debang Lighting Co., Ltd.
23. Ganzhou Fuerte Electronics Co., Ltd.
24. Winner Fashion (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd.
25. Ganzhou Wenhua Jiarui Furniture Industry Co., Ltd.
26. Quannan County New Resources Rare Earth Co., Ltd.
27. Jiangxi Fuge New Energy Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.