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Rare earth magnesium alloy 91% magnesium + 8% aluminum + 1% rare earth elements


The frame of A/1 uses ALLITE metal, known as the "next-generation" metal ® Made of AE81 super rare earth magnesium alloy material, its main alloy composition is composed of 91% magnesium element, 8% aluminum element, and 1% rare earth element. A/1 is widely loved by consumers due to its iconic asymmetric forged five way design, which combines practicality and high rigidity while also making it more visually appealing.

The A/1 frame is made of ALLITE?AE81 super rare earth magnesium alloy, which is called "next generation" metal. Its main alloy is mainly composed of 91% magnesium + 8% aluminum + 1% rare earth elements. A/1 is widely loved by consumers because of its iconic asymmetrical forged five-way design, which is both practical and highly rigid, but also more visually attractive.

VAAST A/1 super rare earth magnesium alloy frame weighs only 1450g(L code), which is derived from the basic characteristics of ALLITE AE81 material and has excellent small vibration absorption. The strengthened drive side rear lower fork design and the excellent force conductivity of super rare earth magnesium alloy make the force transmission of the whole vehicle efficient and fast.

The A/1 uses the more classic Gravel geometry, with good long-distance riding comfort. The lower five-way brings a lower center of gravity setting, making the whole car more stable. STR setting takes into account the speed of flat roads. The equivalent rear fork RC = 425 is compatible with more complex road riding scenarios without sacrificing the basic characteristics of road vehicles.

A/1 is compatible with 700*42C/650 * 47C tires, which is of course the basic core of Gravel models. In addition to the scalability of the tire, the BikePacking is also rich, fenders, front shelves, rear shelves can support installation.

A/1 APEX is more balanced and elegant in configuration. SRAM APEX 1*11S oil disc kit is selected, and the speed of the front 42T and the rear 11-42T is matched, so that the maximum climbing gear ratio can reach 1! It is particularly worth mentioning that compared with the original APEX crank, A/1 chose the lighter and harder Praxis aluminum alloy tooth plate to upgrade the overall transmission system, which is matched with T47 M30 five-way, greatly improving the transmission efficiency of the whole vehicle.

WTB's Gravel wheel set and outer tires give A/1 a higher price/performance ratio in the price range of over 10,000 yuan, which is enough to support everyone through the complete novice period.

If you like the texture of the metal frame and want to experience a lighter Gravel ride, then you must not miss the surprise experience brought to you by this VAAST A/1!


Source: Magnesium Lightweight Research Institute
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