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Safety management should dare to fight and be good at fighting


Safety management should be brave and skilled in struggle

Interdependence and mutual struggle.

-- inscription

I went out for an inspection once and learned what it means to dare to fight and be good at fighting.


Although it is to check others, each unit has some places worth learning and has its own bright spots or shining points.


When I was in Company D, I found that their safety grid management work was particularly good. They did a solid job in on-site visual inspection and plan implementation. A thread was directly worn to the end and did not become a mere formality.


Although it is not said that every grid member performs his duties well, from the feedback of each grid checklist, 80% of the grid members can be diligent and down-to-earth.


"Xiaodong, I 'd like to know how your company carries out the' griding' work so that we can learn from it." I asked Xiao dong, the security officer of company d, for advice.


"Ha ha, good, this is our company's experience!" Xiaodong said with a smile on his face.


"Wash your ears." I expressed great curiosity.


"In fact, we also encountered many problems at the beginning." Xiao Dong sighed, "Because our company's production scheduling, section chiefs and technicians all feel that safety is the business of safety management personnel. They don't want to move. Even if they move, they will move if you clean it up. So the work has been on the surface, and I can't help it."


"How did you solve this problem?" I asked.


"This depends on our factory director Hu." Xiao Dong's eyes reveal admiration, "He is a bold, cheerful, strong sense of purpose, from the front line to do leading cadres. At that time, he personally caught, spearheaded, mobilize everyone to participate in safety work and safety inspection, especially scheduling, section chief and technology, and even for this, he explained over and over again, forcing them to participate."


"Director Hu is so strong!" Xiao Li sighed.


"Yes, he is a man who dares to fight and is good at fighting. He not only demonstrates every link by himself, but also often urges the grid members to implement it, and has clear rewards and punishments." Xiaodong recalled.


"How did these production dispatchers, section chiefs and technicians react?" I asked.


"At the beginning, it was still very contradictory, and even some people thought it was superfluous, engaging in formalism, and asking us to do some inspections every day. However, under the constant struggle of Director Hu, everyone gradually began to work hard and hard." Xiaodong recalled.


"What happened to Director Hu and them? How did Director Hu fight?" I was even more curious.


"Well..." Xiaodong stopped suddenly, with embarrassment on his face, "You have to ask Director Hu personally."


After lunch, I came to Director Hu's office.


Director Hu came to this branch factory to take charge of production and safety. It should be said that I have seen the best safety in production and the best production in safety.


Director Hu cut a round inch, but shaved the hair on both sides exceptionally clean, the skin was a little dark, and the ruddy lips under the dark skin became more ruddy, that is, the black-rimmed glasses were a little more dignified, fortunately the figure was more symmetrical, and they looked slightly younger.


Seeing me walking in, factory director Hu hurriedly greeted me to sit down: "er, please sit down. how about it? there are many problems. don't be merciless. it should be mentioned."


"Director Hu, you really did a good job." I said slightly embarrassed.


Director Hu smiled: "Ha ha, are you praising us?"


Lying slightly on the sofa, I hurriedly sat and said: "Really, just like your grid, it is very worthy of our study."


"Hey, it's not easy to get your approval!" When Director Hu said this, his eyes were not aware of the light.


I saw the machine and said: "In the morning, when I was communicating with Xiaodong about this job, I asked Director Hu what happened to the dispatcher, the section chief and the technology. How did you fight? But he told me that I had to ask you personally, hehe."


Director Hu hummed towards the window, then turned to me and said, "this little dong."


"In fact, it's nothing. It's just that they are very strict with them, even merciless. If you want to fight, the biggest struggle is with our Du technology. After all, I am in charge of production, and I still listen to greetings for scheduling and section chief." Director Hu took the words, "He is a very good technician, and he is also the leader of the technical team, but he just likes procrastination too much."


"Really?" I asked curiously, "What about him and you?"


"In our gridding work, he always found all kinds of reasons to refuse to participate, and even I found out that he called someone to fill in the inspection records on his behalf. Initially, I didn't get it on the table either, but just repeatedly stressed the significance of gridding and hoped he would pay attention to it." Hu factory director recalled.


"And then?" I asked.


"Later, he still didn't have much motivation, he was still absent-minded, and he looked indifferent, so I spread the card with him." Director Hu looked serious. "At that time, I showed his checklists several times in front of all the technical management personnel, and even asked him to explain why the handwriting was different twice."


I asked cautiously, "Wouldn't it be a bit embarrassing for you to say so?"


"Of course I know that this will make him very uncomfortable, but at the meeting, I played while pulling, moving with emotion and reasoning, and let him go up and down. I talked about this matter for 15 minutes. He was" recruited." Director Hu said frankly, "He needs to know that it is wrong to do so. It is the bottom line. As the team leader, he does not take the lead. It is unreasonable, and it is very shameful to cheat."


Director Hu waved his hand and said, "ah, there is no way. if you want everyone to move, you must get rid of the thorn and conquer him."


"And then?" I asked.


Director Hu smiled: "Later, he learned to be smart and learn to take advantage of the loopholes, and he would do whatever you asked him to do, nor procrastinate, nor take the initiative to check, but it was not effective, and the wrangling was well-founded, and even learned to flatter. However, these I are not surprising, so that you can not find any problems, but not conducive to the work to continue to deepen."


I also smiled: "ha ha, what should I do?"


"I also learned to be smart. I learned to observe and find out how they took advantage of the loopholes. Later, I asked Xiao Dong and them to work out a grid performance evaluation method. We included the bad attitudes and behaviors of grid members headed by Du Technology in the evaluation indicators, with positive incentives as the main part. As long as you don't pay attention and don't implement them seriously, the ranking will definitely be lower." Director Hu said in an orderly manner.


"Later, after one or two sets, I also said that I was tired. On the contrary, I did not say it. The effect was still better. Every time Du's technology fell behind, he felt that he had no face and began to take it seriously. He even led the team to carry out on-site safety improvement. After all, this is a bonus, and he has also completed his technical attack, which is regarded as eating more than one chicken." Director Hu smiled and said, "Seeing him, other employees began to take it seriously."


"Director Hu is really good, not only fighting, but also encouraging." I exclaimed.


"Yes, sometimes I really need to be tough. Although our factory director still supports me, I am not the top leader. What I have to do is to stimulate their internal motivation and make them feel that this work is meaningful and can produce Practical effect." Director Hu.


"What about the others? Were they affected?" I asked.


At this time, an employee happened to come in and ask Director Hu to sign. After signing, Director Hu received a glass of water, as if he were excited. He walked and said, then said.


"Of course, in the end, the change in Du's technology produced a strong demonstration, and other grid members slowly accepted it. Everyone's thinking changed. They no longer looked at safety work with their past understanding, and began to seriously check and improve. They found that I wipe, do safety not only to do their own related work together, and these improvements, but also to improve the production efficiency. Director Hu knocked the table with his index and middle fingers.


"This is the greatest significance of our grid work." He continued, "Safety is the result of comprehensive management. Every employee is willing to participate in it. In fact, it is also an improvement to their professional work. It is good for everyone to be good at the branch factory. The branch factory is safe and has a lot of bonuses. Everyone has found the meaning of this job, and the work effect will naturally come out."


"Director Hu, what you have done is very brilliant. Although I feel your suffering, I dare to fight and be good at fighting. Finally, the grid work is not a mere formality. It is really hard and hard." I nodded and exclaimed.


"Ha ha, thank the experts for their praise." Hu factory director holding hands with a smile said.


"Conclusion 」

We always say that safety work should be done deeply, practically and carefully, so where is the gap between us and this requirement?


I think this gap is called daring to fight and being good at fighting.